Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Keep it simple.... you know.

Twice a week I am asked "why don't you add new cool feature to ExpressProfiler?"
The answer is as simple as ExpressProfiler itself - you should always keep things as simple as you can.

Should be balance.
On one hand you have nothing that requires nothing and does nothing - perfect minimalism.
On the other hand you have standard SQL Profiler - it does all and requires all.

Express Profiler should be as simple as possible, so you could easily copy and use it; and as useful as possible so you would be able and wanted to use it.

And yes - sometimes I simply too lazy to implement feature request.

Monday, July 7, 2014

[BP017] DELETE statement without WHERE clause

Sometimes people ask me: "What wrong with following code? Why issue BP017 is registered?"
delete d
from    dbo.Data d inner join #ids i on d.id = i.id

As you can see, rows to be deleted are limited by joining with temporary table named #ids which apparently contains a list of needed row identifiers.
So what is the problem? Why BP017 is registered?