Sunday, April 20, 2014

New release 2.4.5222

Today we released new version of SQL Code Guard - 2.4.5222
There are many fixes and improvements, some new rules were added.
Full list of changes you can view at
But there is a few more important things.
First, we introduced new type of issues - "Script issues". This category will contain issues that can be vital during build, deploy and continuous integration process. Used with msbuild it can be very useful in modern development processes.
Second, we introduced "exclusions". What that means? Sometime you want to relax checking some rules, eg to not check nullability of columns for tables which name fits specific pattern. So now you can add exception for some issues.
Third - we added support for TFS Checkin Policy so you can establish new level of code quality control for t-sql scripts.
And last but not least - SQL Code Guard team now offers support and custom development. You can read more at

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